Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term health insurance is a great way to cover you and your family when you have a temporary break in coverage.  If you are between jobs, fulfilling a waiting period with your current employer, or have a break in coverage for some other reason, then a short term plan may be right for you.  Keep in mind that short term plans do not cover pre-existing conditions; they are only meant to be used to protect from accidents and sudden onset illnesses.  The good news is that the underwriting for these plans is very limited and you don’t have to worry about being rated up for a pre-existing condition.  We only recommend a temporary health insurance plan if you have a somewhat definitive date on which a more permanent health plan will start.  Once you buy a short term policy and choose your date of coverage, you will not be able to renew with that same company.

Blue Cross of Idaho
Blue Cross now also offers several deductible options as well as the ability to pay on a monthly basis.  If you would like a quote or online application with Blue Cross please click on the link below:

SelectHealth Transition
SelectHealth is a newer insurance company to Idaho.  They have had a strong presence in Utah for many years and have now expanded.  They have great rates with both mid and low deductible options.  Just be sure to select Transitions after clicking on the link to make sure you are quoting their short term insurance plans and not their others:

LifeMap (formerly Regence Life and Health)
LifeMap gives you a variety of deductible, coinsurance, and premium options.  They also let you buy on a per day basis.  They give you monthly payment options or a pay in full rate.  See the links below to apply and review their plan

You can also call us for a quote at (208) 206-1918 or submit an email request.