Medicare Supplement & Medicare Advantage Plans


Idaho’s Lowest Cost 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans (Age 65)
Company Plan N Plan G
Aetna Health and Life $120 $148
Transamerica Premier $135 $155
Blue Cross of Idaho $163 $159
Mountain Health COOP $100 $120
Regence BlueShield of Idaho $144 $166
Humana $121 $138

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We offer both Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans from multiple insurance companies with the lowest rates in each Idaho county so we can impartially help you shop your Medicare coverage and give you the best guidance.  Medicare can be difficult to navigate; call 208-523-3924 and speak with Ryan to get all your questions answered

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Annual Enrollment begins October 15 and ends December 7 of each year.  During that time you can enroll, disenroll, or change Medicare Advantage Plans in Idaho for a January 1 effective date.  Medicare Advantage Special Election Periods also occur throughout the year and can be initiated by such things as a move outside your current plan’s service area.  If you are new to Medicare Part A and Part B, you are eligible under the Initial Enrollment Period.  If you are eligible at age 65, your initial enrollment period begins three months before your 65th birthday, includes the month you turn age 65 and ends three months after that birthday.  If you are eligible for Medicare based on disability or permanent kidney failure, your initial enrollment period depends on the date your disability or treatment began.  No matter what election period you qualify for, we can help you enroll in just a few minutes.

We represent some of the lowest cost Medicare Advantage plans in Idaho such as the Blue Cross of Idaho True Blue and Secure Blue plans, the PacificSource Essentials and PacificSource Explorer plans as well as plans from Regence BlueShield of Idaho and Humana.  Whether your focus is low premiums or rich benefits, we can help find the right plan for you that will work with your doctor(s).  Medicare Advantage plans are required to cover all the same services that Original Medicare provides.  The plans we offer also offer many additional benefits you do not get with regular Medicare coverage such as Part D prescription coverage, gym memberships, and routine vision coverage.  Plan availability varies by county in Idaho, so make sure you speak with us about all the options available where you live.

Medicare Supplement Plans

We can shop many Idaho Medicare Supplement insurance companies and policies for you, which allows us to get you the best rate for a supplement.  However, supplements do not include prescription drug coverage so be sure to check with us about a stand alone Part D prescription drug plan (PDP).  If you don’t like the idea of separate medical and drug coverage, consider one of the Medicare Advantage Plans above from Blue Cross of Idaho, PacificSource, Humana, Regence BlueShield of Idaho, and others.

Medicare Supplement plans are standardized benefits which helps make shopping for a plan much easier than shopping for a Medicare Advantage Plan.  For example, a Medicare Supplement Plan F from Mutual of Omaha has the exact same benefits as a Medicare Supplement Plan from Blue Cross of Idaho or Aetna.  This allows the Medicare beneficiary to focus on the price and reputation of a company without having to worry about nuances in coverage.  Most of our clients that choose a Medicare Supplement instead of a Medicare Advantage plan do so because they like the freedom to choose any doctor that accepts Medicare, they want a plan that travels well to other states, a plan that doesn’t have benefits that change on an annual basis, and a plan that does not have copays or coinsurance.  The Medicare Supplement plans we sell have very competitive pricing to the Medicare Advantage plans which makes them very appealing, though there is typically some savings going the Medicare Advantage route.

What are the most popular Idaho Medicare Supplement Plans?  Plan F has always been a very poplar plan for many people since it covers 100% of the costs of the Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles and coinsurance.  In other words, many people with a Medicare Supplement Plan F never pay any out of pocket expenses between what Medicare covers and what the supplement picks up.  This makes your coverage hassle free and stress free since you don’t have to worry about sorting through medical bill after medical bill.

One of the Medicare Supplement plans gaining the most traction is the Plan G.  Plan G covers everything that Plan F covers except the Part B deductible which is $203 starting in 2021.  In almost every case the premium savings from choosing Plan G instead of Plan F will more than make up for the cost of paying the Part B deductible.

So which Medicare Supplement plan is right for you?  There are many Medicare Supplement plans in Idaho.  Be sure to give us a call to find the lowest cost and best coverage for your Medicare Supplement plan.  You only have one Medicare Open Enrollment opportunity during your first 6 months on Medicare Part B.  Make sure you get the expert advice you need to protect your health and your finances.

We work with the lowest cost Idaho Medicare Supplement plans including Aetna, Transamerica, Mountain Health COOP, Humana, Blue Cross of Idaho, Regence BlueShield of Idaho, etc.  Some companies charge double for the same coverage, so be sure you are getting quotes from an Idaho Medicare broker like us.

Idaho Dental & Vision Insurance for Seniors
Some of the Medicare Advantage Plans offer vision coverage and some offer dental insurance as an add-on benefit, but the dental coverage is very limited and often only covers preventive dental care such as cleanings and exams.  Until recently, seniors did not have very many good options for dental coverage.  However, Delta Dental, Ameritas, and Blue Cross of Idaho now offer great dental insurance for Medicare beneficiaries as well as the rest of Idaho’s population.  Visit our Dental Insurance page and Vision Insurance page for more info.